The best way to be accepted for work trade is to read this entire application, and answer all the questions briefly & completely. When you respond sooner and offer an easy-to-read application, it makes our job easier! We get muchos applications.

If you haven't yet, read about how we do work trade at Buckeye.

Contact Info
Example: 707-555-1234
Work Areas

Choose any of the following areas to tell us about your level of experience and interest. If you list multiple areas, list them in order of preference, with top choice first.

For Kitchen (there are some prep shifts) and Registration please indicate if you are willing arrive 2 days early. For Set Up, you must be available the week prior to Buckeye. If accepted, you may be asked to work in more than one area, including areas you did not list, as qualified, if the need arises. Please let us know about limitations you have in any area. In areas with a star*, tell us your physical capabilities.

  • Set Up*: Clean, prepare site. Chop wood, erect structures, physical labor. Requires arriving the week prior to Buckeye, April 24-29.   
  • Grounds Crew / Take Down*: Onsite maintenance during Buckeye: physical labor/chores, village runner, etc. Shifts all week, be prepared to miss some classes.  Requires staying after Buckeye for 2 days, through May 8th, to take down and prep for 2nd week.
  • Kitchen*: Prep, cook, volunteer coordination. The kitchen needs the most work traders.  Some kitchen positions require arriving 2 days early; please indicate if you are available for these.
  • Wellness: Medical/herbal experience, various modalities. References help. Seeking licensed EMTs for full time on call. Only a few spots available.
  • Family Camp: Work all week with a youth leader to help integrate the young ones, including teens, into camp. Requires experience & references.
  • Registration: Arrive early, will be in addition to working in another area. Only a few spots available, preference usually given to people we have previous experience with Buckeye registration.

Example answer for qualifications:

Kitchen: I’m willing to work either all week or arrive early. I’ve worked as a prep cook and in the volunteer/work trade kitchens at several events, including Wintercount, the KOOK festival, and worked private catering events (see references). I love to jump into feeding everyone, and feel confident in any kitchen capacity, including volunteer coordination – I offer mellow, clear people skills and a good sense of the human flow (Team Relations!).

Set Up: I feel competent taking direction, happy to arrive early for the full setup shift. I am of medium strength, comfortable with lifting, squatting, building, etc.

Carefully read instructions above.
Select which sessions you wish to be considered for:
  1. Beltaine: Apr 30 - May 6, Classic Buckeye, easy to dabble in many activities
  2. Pathways: May 10 - 16, Longer projects requiring more commitment
Pathways is a smaller gathering, so the grounds crew shift is from May 9-18, combining setup, work during the week, and take-down.
Do you have experience working at other gatherings you haven’t mentioned? Primitive skills gatherings? Previous Buckeye work trade?
How many kids with be with you, what ages, and who would be caring for them while you're working? Ex: 2 kids, 3yo, 6yo, their dad and uncle
How close to the event can we still contact you for work trade, in the case of cancellations? We often need last minute help.

By applying, you agree that in the event you are accepted to work trade and attend a part or all of Buckeye but don't fulfill your work trade role, you pay the registration fee in full.

Thank you for your offer to help! Within a week of applying you will get an email to confirm we received your application; please do not inquire about it before then. We appreciate your effort and look forward to having a hoot together. We offer many work trade positions, but please understand that we cannot accommodate everyone who applies.

Grins, the Buckeye Crew