Work trade application is CLOSED.  It will likely re-open using a different system in 2018.

Update: We have already filled most roles, but there are always cancellations, so we will continue accepting applications on a rolling basis after the January 1 - 31 window.  If you are applying, please let us know how close to the actual dates of Buckeye we can call you up to work trade if we have cancellations.

The deal: You work a full shift, you get in for a discounted rate. The shifts are of varying length, enough to get the job done completely. This will generally vary from 24 to 36 hours; we need your commitment to see your job to it's natural finish!

Work trade costs $75, a reduced rate to pay for your food. It will be due a week after acceptance in February, nonrefundable.

We accept work trade applications each year, January 1 – 31.  If you applied during the January 1-31 window, you will hear back from us by the new moon in February at the latest. If you applied later, we will endeavor to respond within a month.  Thanks!

Buckeye 2017 takes place Sunday April 30 - Saturday May 6.

We have learned that a full work trade crew is essential to Buckeye running smoothly.

General registration for Buckeye opens in early March.

We appreciate your effort and look forward to having a hoot together. We offer many work trade positions, but we cannot accommodate everyone who applies.

Grins, the Buckeye Crew